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Ten reasons why to go for MIRY mapholders

  1. Perfect design. We have invented and after a sophisticated development brought to perfection an original supporting anti-vibration system of the MIRY PRO BIKE mapholder, telescopic arm and ergonomic shaping of the MIRY PRO SKI mapholder, MIRY boards with removable foils in two designs (WR and QL), and other multiple improvements.
  2. Rotating boards. All MIRY mapholders are fitted with boards rotating in the whole range of 360°.
  3. Experience. We have the largest experience - the first MIRY mapholder for biking was designed in 1992, in the beginnings of MTB-O.
  4. Development. We cooperate with world's top elite bikers and we use their remarks and comments from the most extreme races in the development of our products.
  5. Resisting materials. We use the best materials. MIRY boards are made from tough plastics, which do no become tender even at temperatures moving round the freezing point; original MIRY supporting structures are made from light aluminum alloys and produced on special CNC controlled machines.
  6. Uncomplicated transportation. MIRY mapholders need not to be removed from your bikes while being transported on the roof of your car.
  7. Universal usage. MIRY mapholders are suitable for MTB-O, cyclotourism, Survival and Adventure races, other outdoor sports, ski-orienteering and many other.
  8. Favorable proportion between quality and price. We offer super-class quality products at reasonable prices.
  9. Customers service. MIRY PRO BIKE mapholders have become the most widespread all over the world not only for its unique design, but also thanks to worldwide availability and favorable delivery dates.
  10. Guarantee. 2-year guarantee period on all MIRY products is considered self-evident. Moreover we provide lifetime guarantee on material of plastic boards MIRY.
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